Phlizon PH-D6 600W Dual-channel LED Grow Light


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Efficacy(ALL ON Mode): 2.3 µmol/J
Input Voltage: 100-277V, 50-60Hz
Actual Power Consumption(ALL ON Mode): 100W±3%
Coverage Area:  2′ x 2′ - 3′ x 3′ 
Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs
Weight: 5.6 Lbs
Dual-channel: VEG/BLOOM
Dimensions: 15.7" x 6.7" x 2.3"
Spectrum: Full Spectrum


  • QUALITY PRODUCTS AT FACTORY PRICES- Our products offer unbeatable value with high-quality manufacturing at a low price. Our own factory ensures superior quality and reliability, while maintaining affordability. With us, you get the best of both worlds, an exceptional product at an unbeatable price.
  • COMPARE TO HPS/MH- Compared to MH / HPS lamps, this 600w light with SMD led chips generates less heat, more energy saving and lower electricity bills and more comprehensive light spectrum. The 600W LED grow light can replace 100watt HPS/MH. More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights. Perfect fit for a 2x2ft growing area at 24" height. The difference of us is that we use double cooling fans. which can most extend the light life.
  • DOUBLE SWITCH- Veg and Bloom button have different function. Veg switch: It's blue led and white led. For seedling or young vegetative growth,you can use Veg switch only. Bloom switch: It's red led and white led. For flowering/blooming,you can use both Veg and Bloom switches together. View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°
  • FULL SPECTRUM- We did lots of experiments to ensure that this full spectrum promotes plant growth. It includes universal blue red IR UV and white leds which can provide everything plant desired in the natural sunlight. The IR and UV leds can promote plants to defense mechanisms, blue and red led is essential light for plant growth.

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